Tasks & Errands

In addition to our shopping and delivery services, we also offer other services.

Tasks & Errands include:

  • Help Moving: $27/hr
    • Packing or un-packing boxes, or moving boxes and furniture.
      • Assisting with an inter-county move will incur an additional $2/mile fee calculated from original location to the location being moved to.
  • Packing/Unpacking: $20/hr
    • Packing and unpacking items for an office or home move.
  • Heavy Lifting: $26/hr
    • Assistance with moving/re-arranging large items. This includes:
      • Couches
      • Bookshelves
      • Large/heavy boxes
      • Etc
  • Rental Unit Management Assistance: $20/hr
    • Assist real estate agents and corporate housing apartments with routine management needs. Such as
      • move-in/out review,
      • meeting with tenant for keys handoff,
      • waiting for cable/internet installation,
      • assisting with showings,
      • and more
    • For move-in/out reviews, photos of the premises may be requested to be taken and sent to you via either text or email.
  • Property Check: $20 per property
    • Own a vacant property, residential or commercial, and want to be sure everything’s ok? We’ll check it for you and submit photos to you either via text or email. Photos could include interior and/or exterior. Permission and access will be needed for any interior requests.
  • Local Shipping: $15
    • Whether you need an item/parcel moved from one location to another, sell via online marketplaces (ebay, Shopify, Facebook, etc), or you operate a business (storefront or online) and need it shipped, we have you covered.
      • Intra-county is a flat $15, inter-county will have an additional $2/mile fee calculated from pickup location to dropoff location.
  • Mail Service: $15/trip
    • Pickup or dropoff of mail and packages to your local Post Office or UPS Store.
      • Authorization will need be given to allow Red’s Delivery Services to pickup your mail or package. To provide authorization, USPS here and UPS Store here.
      • If the nearest UPS Store is outside the county there will be an additional $2/mile fee calculated from UPS Store location to your address or point of dropoff. 
  • Basic Roadside Assistance:
    • Dead Battery Jump: $15 (we carry our own jumper cables)
    • Gas Can Fill Up: $2/mile calculated from your vehicle to nearest gas station and back to your vehicle. Must have your own gas can; if you need to purchase one, we will take you to the nearest store that sells them then to gas station then back to your vehicle.
      • If you need to pick up a gas can, the $2/mile will be calculated from your vehicle to the store to the gas station back to your vehicle. 
    • Note: We do not currently offer towing or other related services.

If you have any questions about what is or isn’t covered by a Task, or would like to know if we can perform a Task not listed, contact us via one of the contact options listed below.

Book Now

Payment may be made through our booking site by clicking the “Book Now” button or via one of the following:

Payment of at least one hour must be paid in advance to book a Task. Any additional hours may be paid no later then completion of task. Property Check must be paid per property.

Tasks may be booked by contacting me via:

Click below to book a task through Square Appointments site. As the team grows, you will be able to request a specific team member.

Book Now

All fees are non-refundable. Cancellation fees apply. See full Terms here. Tasks FAQ’s are here.

You could also book some tasks via the TaskRabbit app, but to ensure availability without my notification timing out it’s best to book through this site (not TaskRabbit). Any tasks booked through TaskRabbit requires a 2 hour minimum payment.

All tasks information, payment, etc is handled through the TaskRabbit platform*. You can view my profile and select me to perform a task by clicking here. For now the tasks I offer are simple errands and shopping. View my page to see complete info and my rates. If it shows I’m unavailable, email Red@RedConrad.com or call/text 386-983-6415 and I’ll update the schedule. 

For purposes of the platform, the Jacksonville area is highlighted. This is just the market area, I service Putnam County and the surrounding counties. Many days are left blank, but I’m mostly available and will update my schedule in the app as needed so you can hire me through the app. So if you need a task done and either don’t see availability for the day/time or you’re outside the Jacksonville area, send a text to 386-983-6415, email Red@RedConrad.com, or message the Red’s Delivery Services page on Facebook with the details (task, day and time).

*If Delivery or Shopping is selected on the TaskRabbit platform, you will be redirected to our shopping & delivery app or the off platform page of this website to order shopping or delivery services. Shopping and Delivery will not be performed through the TaskRabbit platform.

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