Red’s Delivery Services Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s pertaining to the Off-Platform/Out-Of-App (formerly Rideshare Red Delivery) services are listed beneath the FAQ’s for Red’s Delivery Services™ app based services.

1) I don’t see the store I want to shop. I thought I can shop anywhere.
You can. If your store isn’t listed on the host platform, click the “Request A Store” option and create a file for the store. As you shop, use the closest approximate price selections. You will only pay the in-store prices. The platform aggregates/collects store data from available online information.  If a store doesn’t list items online, or doesn’t have an online presence at all, it won’t show as a separate option on the platform. But you can still shop it under “Request A Store”.


1A) You say you deliver from any store, so how come some stores still say “delivery not available” or similar on their website?
Unlike Instacart, DoorDash, etc, we are a personal shopping service. We don’t utilize commission based delivery contracts with other businesses. The only B2B (business-to-business) we do is an advertising exchange. We don’t need contracts with stores as we aren’t setup to work through stores, we work for you. However, we are reaching out to get listed as a delivery service for certain stores as we grow our team of shoppers and delivery drivers. 

All that being said, we cannot deliver for restaurants who do not already have takeout, pickup, and or delivery available. Restaurants need to have the setup in order for us to pickup and deliver for you from restaurants. We are reaching out to restaurants that don’t currently offer such services to become their designated delivery service. All restaurants that do offer takeout and pickup services, we can deliver to you. Again, we work for you, not through the restaurant. 

We do not need to be listed as a delivery service in order to deliver from a store or restaurant as that isn’t our model. Our business model is the true personal shopper business model. The bigger companies may try claiming “personal shopper” but that isn’t their true business model and they are using a very loose definition of the term. A true personal shopper service allows you to choose your preferred shopper and offer much more flexible options. 

2) Your business is through dumpling. Doesn’t that make it like Instacart and the others?
No, it doesn’t. dumpling is the host platform that powers the Red’s Delivery Services app and payment processor. Nothing more. Other services dispatch orders, control pricing, etc. However, dumpling does not. They simply provide a platform for professional personal shoppers to grow and expand their own businesses. dumpling is to delivery services what Shopify is to e-commerce stores or WordPress to blogs. Getting started, it is much more cost effective to rent space on a pre-existing platform than it is to build an entire app from scratch. One day Red’s Delivery Services may have our own app platform, but for now it’s more cost effective to us to rent space from a host.

Think of it like Shopify or Amazon for e-commerce, or WordPress for blogs and websites. It’s the business owners business, not Shopify’s or Amazon’s. It’s the bloggers/website owners blog/website, not WordPress’. The same is true with dumpling and the businesses hosted on dumpling.

3) I’m having issues trying to shop a store. I can’t find a certain brand/item I know they carry.
The  platform the service is hosted on is still new and may have kinks out of our control (developers are working on updates). Much of the store info is collected from available online data. If you experience any issues shopping in the app, you have a few options:

  • Use the “Write in a custom item” feature, or
  • Create an order/list with what you can so we have something to work with. As long as you open an order with at least 1 item, we’ll be able to update/shop.  Then write/build your list on either AnyList (Android | Apple), Out Of Milk (Android | Apple), or Flipp (Android | Apple | Web) and under list sharing, send the list to Order@RedsDeliveryServices.com and we’ll update your order on our end in the Red’s Delivery Services app. If you need help sharing the list, follow the instructions below for your preferred list making app.

In AnyList:

  • Go to list settings,
  • click “List Sharing” 
  • click”Share This List”
  • type in Order@RedsDeliveryServices.com in the box

In Out Of Milk:

  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the app to open the menu
  • Click “Share or send list”
  • Click “Add Friend By Email”
  • Type in Order@RedsDeliveryServices.com in the pop-up box

In Flipp:

  • Mobile users see here
  • Web users see here
  • To send the list via email/GMail, at the appropriate step of your app, send to Order@RedsDeliveryServices.com. Or share the link provided for your list via text to 386-983-6415.

4) I’m having trouble downloading the app and/or connecting to your business. It’s not connecting me to your service. 
The platform Red’s Delivery Services is hosted on is similar to what Shopify is for e-commerce. There are many services hosted on the platform. If you downloaded the app through the Reds Delivery Services dumpling page, it should have connected you to us. Be sure to click to download the app on our app page by clicking the Android or Apple link provided. Or download direct through App.RedConrad.com Do NOT skip this step or you may not connect to our service. If, for any reason, you aren’t being connected to our service downloading the app through RedsDelivery.RedConrad.com or App.RedConrad.com, send the Facebook page a PM, text 386-983-6415, or email Red@RedsDeliveryServices.com or CustomerService@RedsDeliveryServices.com with your name and cell number and we’ll send you a direct link via an invite text.

If you were referred by someone else, use one of the links above or have the person that referred you go in their app, open the menu in the top left corner of the home screen, and click ‘Refer my Shopper’ and send you the link.

How we have our SEO/Marketing setup on our end, and how the platform is setup, we may or may not appear in ‘Zip Search’. To connect to us be sure to use a download link on our app page or contact us for a direct download link. If you downloaded dumpling app and aren’t connecting to us, delete the app and then use our direct download link.

5) How does the pricing work?
(See 5B for tips to maximize savings, 5C for fixed income, 5D for military, LEO, and other emergency personnel discount)
On most grocery orders, the fee is 20% or a minimum of $15. Other stores may have higher delivery fees. This means that on most orders where the total cost of groceries is $100 or less, the fee is $15. On orders where the total grocery cost is over $100, the fee is 20% of the total cost of the groceries. At stores with higher fees, the minimum $ amount would be on orders under $100 and the % amount above $100. If your grocery list is typically over $100 worth of items, you may want to consider a monthly subscription plan for additional savings. 

Most OOC (Out Of County) stores are priced at 30% of grocery total or $30 minimum, with a required minimum order total of $100 (not including our fee). The higher fee and order minimum size requirement for OOC stores helps cover the additional expenses and time to travel to and shop these stores. See 5B below for tips to maximize savings.

‘Delivery Only’ is a flat fee of $15, plus a 5% platform fee ($0.75). The platform fee is charged by, and goes to, dumpling (our host), not us. Regular grocery orders and restaurant orders, we cover all platform fees. Deliver only orders, currently we’re only charging a flat delivery fee and you cover your platform fees. This may change in the future, but if we take over paying all platform fees on “delivery only” orders too, the delivery fee on these order types may go up as well.

Restaurant Pickup orders work a bit different. If you prepaid for your food directly through the restaurant, there is a flat delivery fee of $15. If you place the order through us, the delivery fee is 15% of the total or a minimum of $15.

Red’s Delivery Services pays the platform fees on grocery and restaurant orders, as we feel it’s unfair to the customer to pay these fees; whereas other services (Instacart, DoorDash, etc) charge platform fees and other fees to customers and businesses. We only charge a platform fee on “Delivery Only” orders; this platform fee goes to dumpling (our host), not us. We’re trying to work out pricing where it’s both affordable to you and still profitable for us. 

Gratuity/Tip can be chosen from as low as 5% to as high as 100%. You can select gratuity during or after your order; and if you choose, you can add additional tip after the order is completed. The total gratuity goes to the team member that shops/delivers your order. Gratuity/Tip is completely optional, not a requirement.

Item prices in the app are national averages. Don’t worry if prices seem high, you will only be charged in-store prices

5A) Why is there a platform fee?
The platform fee is charged by our host (dumpling), not us. This fee only applies to “Delivery Only” orders. The platform fee helps support the platform so the developers can keep it updated and continue rolling out features that businesses on the platform request. Most businesses (including us) are requesting features that would make the app more user friendly for you. The platform fee helps cover the costs of these features and updates.

We cover the platform fees on regular grocery shopping and restaurant orders.

Have a feature request? Email it to CustomerService@RedsDeliveryServices.com and we will pass it on to the developers.

5B) How can I maximize savings?
Use us instead of Instacart, DoorDash, etc. Just kidding…sort of. To maximize savings, check out our monthly subscription plans. If you don’t see a plan that fits your shopping needs, there is an option to have a custom plan built for your needs.

It’s also recommended to include as many stores into one shop as you can. You’ll only pay one shop & delivery fee for all nearby stores on the order. For OOC (Out Of County) stores, it’s best to buy bulk (bi-weekly or monthly supply) at once; or if you have a friend or family member that also needs things from the OOC store, combine your lists into one order and have them pay you their part of the order. Consider combining orders from multiple OOC stores in the same area on to the same shop; by combining all area OOC stores you want shopped onto one order, you only pay the one delivery fee. 

To combine multiple stores into one shop, you can either

  • specify the store near each item, OR
  • create a separate list for each store but schedule them on the same day and time

All stores in an area, scheduled on the same day, will be included in one shop and be charged one delivery fee.

Also keep an eye on store sales. We post select circulars to our Facebook page, so be sure to like our page. We also have loyalty rewards/discounts and referral discounts, so refer your friends, family, and co-workers to our service and be sure to have them mention you referred them. Send them to App.RedConrad.com to download our app (not direct from the app store or they may not connect to our service, see #4 above).

If your order will be over $100, you will also save on the delivery fee by ordering directly through the store or restaurant website/app and then ordering a ‘Delivery Only’ order for stores or a paid ‘Restaurant Pickup’ order for restaurants. Be sure to provide any information needed to pickup your order:

  • Order number (if applicable)
  • Store/Restaurant location ordered from (if there’s multiple locations in the county)

5C) Do you work with people on a fixed income?
Yes we do. If you live on a fixed income, send an email to Red@RedsDeliveryServices.com to setup your personalized rate/subscription plan. Please include proof of fixed income, black out any personal information (SS#, account number, etc). All we need is verification of fixed income and that you are the recipient. Once your rate/subscription plan is activated, the S&D (shopping and delivery) fee will be adjusted during the shop and will appear on finalized receipt. When you place your order, full fee may still appear, but will be adjusted before you are charged.

5D) Do you offer a discount for service members, veterans, law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical personnel (EMT’s, nurses, etc)?
Yes we do. We offer a 25% discount to all military (active and retired), law enforcement, and other emergency personnel. To receive discount, please email CustomerService@RedsDeliveryServices.com with verification of your military, LEO, or other emergency personnel status. When you place an order, you may still see the full S&D (shopping and delivery fee) but will not be charged the full rate; during the shop this will be adjusted to your discounted rate and will appear on your finalized receipt.

Based on current fees, your discount would be:

  • Grocery Shopping/Delivery fee: 15% of groceries / minimum of $11.25
    • Walmart Shopping/Delivery fee: 15% of groceries / minimum of $15
  • Restaurant Pickup/Delivery fee:
    • Prepaid Pickup: $11.25
    • Order Placed Through Us: 11.25% of order total / minimum of $11.25
  • Delivery Only fee: $11.25
  • “Out Of County” Shopping/Delivery fee: 22.5% of order total / minimum of $22.50  (Minimum order size requirement of $100)

Note: At this time, discounted rate is not eligible to be combined with a Monthly Subscription Plan. Before activating discount, please view subscription plans and determine for yourself which option offers your needs the most savings.

6) Will you service areas outside of Putnam County? If so, when?
Right now the main focus is to bring better and more affordable options to Putnam County. Once service here in Putnam County is large enough (team and clients), we may decide to expand outward. If we expand outward, our mission/vision and professionalism must be carried into the new market areas. If you’re interested in our services in your area, either as a team member or client, feel free to email Red@RedsDeliveryServices.com and “Like” our Facebook page so you are first to know of any expansion into your area. 

If you’re interested in joining the team in your area, be sure to email Red@RedsDeliveryServices.com and we’ll discuss terms of expanding into your area and getting you started. As an FYI, areas of interest we’re looking at are:

  • Jacksonville, FL (Duval County)
  • Middleburg and Orange Park, FL
  • St. Johns County, FL
  • Palm Coast, FL

However, if you live in an area where we currently offer OOC (Out Of County) shops, you can order a shop from one of those stores on the day we shop that area. All OOC shops must be scheduled at least 24hrs in advance.

7) The app gives a window for restaurant pickup. Why?
This is default setting through the platform we’re hosted on for all order types. Whether you specify you pre-ordered or you want us to order upon arrival, we’ll head to the restaurant as soon as your order comes in. This allows you to order in advance, as well as allows us time to get to the restaurant and the restaurant to prepare your food.

8) What if the restaurant I want to place a pickup order from only offers dine-in service? Can I still order pickup?
In most cases, no. If the restaurant doesn’t offer takeout/pickup services we most likely won’t be able to pickup a takeout order from that restaurant. If you really want that particular restaurants food, you can always bring it to their attention that they can offer delivery services through us and refer them to RedsDeliveryServices.com/YouDeliver Also, let us know what restaurant it is so we can also reach out to them ourselves.

9) Your hours says delivery is available from 9am-10pm, but the delivery time I want isn’t available. Why not?
The amount of orders per delivery window is preset. Once the maximum amount of deliveries are picked for that window, the app won’t allow any more orders for that window. This is to help prevent overbooking so everyone gets their deliveries without delay. If your window is booked solid, please choose another window when you will be available for delivery. As the team grows, the number of orders per window will increase. If you know someone looking for work, send them to RedsDeliveryServices.com/Apply to apply.

If the delivery window you’d like is full, or the occasional day completely full, you can email CustomerService@RedsDeliveryServices.com or text 386-983-6415 to see if we can squeeze your delivery in alongside another delivery. If your order is along the route of the other order(s) that took up the slot, we may be able to open the window long enough for you to place your order. You can also try using the off-platform option and we will let you know when the order comes in when we will be able to fulfill it.

The window, or the occasion when an entire day is showing not available, it does not mean we’re closed. Days we are closed, which will usually only be Christmas, you will see a closed sign on the day instead of empty availabilty.

10) I don’t want to use your app for delivery, can I still use your services?
Yes! It is possible to still utilize our services completely off-platform/out-of-app. You can use us off platform, or have us pick up and deliver a “pick up only” order from a store or another app service you use. Terms and requirements do apply. To view terms, view the Off-Platform/Out-Of-App section in the Red’s Delivery Services terms. If you have any questions, send an email to CustomerService@RedsDeliveryServices.com.

11) How do I get faster delivery?
Delivery time can be sped up by ordering a pick up order directly through the store or restaurant website/app and then ordering a ‘Delivery Only’ order for stores or a paid ‘Restaurant Pick up’ order for restaurants. This will ensure the order is ready when we arrive to pick it up. Be sure to provide info needed to pickup your order:

  • Order number (if applicable)
  • Store/Restaurant location ordered from (if there’s multiple locations in the county)

Delivery time can also be sped up as the team grows and we have multiple drivers available. If you know anyone looking for work, or an extra “side hustle” income, send them to RedsDeliveryServices.com/Apply and help us grow our team. The larger the team, the more deliveries we can accept at a time and the quicker they’ll be picked up and delivered. 

Customer/Client FAQ’s Directly From The Dumpling Platform Developers 
For further info on how to use the app and similar questions, you may get answers directly from our platform developers by clicking here.

Have a question? Send them to CustomerService@RedsDeliveryServices.com

Red’s Delivery Services Off-Platform/Out-Of-App FAQ’s

(Formerly Rideshare Red Delivery)

1) How do I get delivery if I’m in a “pickup only” area (Instacart, DoorDash, etc users)?
If you use Instacart, Shipt, Postmates, or another app/platform and your zip code or area says “Pick Up Only”, go ahead and shop. You will then need to submit a delivery request to Red’s Delivery Services with the name on the order, order number, store location, and app you used to shop to Order@RedsDeliveryServices.com so the order can be picked up by a driver and delivered to you. Alternatively, you can utilize the “Pickup Only” option of the new Reds Delivery Services by downloading our app at App.RedConrad.com , or using a list making app as stated on the Off Platform Delivery page. Delivery fee must be paid upfront.

2) My local store/supermarket says they offer online shopping but not in my area.
That is through their delivery partner. The store/supermarket may not have a dedicated “in-house” shopping service. To receive delivery through Red’s Delivery Services, choose the next closest location that offers online shopping with pick up service. When requesting delivery from Red’s Delivery Services, be sure to notify us of the store location you shopped from online; along with the order information, such as your name and order number. Alternatively, you can utilize the new Red’s Delivery Services app by downloading our app at RedsDelivery.RedConrad.com and shop through us.

3) Do I have to use a delivery app such as Instacart, Postmates, or Doordash, etc to get delivery?
No. You can request delivery through Red’s Delivery Services on any order from any store, supermarket, or restaurant that offers online shopping and pick up services. After you place your order, request delivery service by filling out the form on the delivery page

4) If I order through a delivery service, such as Instacart or Postmates, why do I have to pay a separate fee to Red’s Delivery Services?
The delivery fee paid to Red’s Delivery Services is only on orders in areas that are “Pick Up Only” through the app/service you use to order. This is because “Pick Up Only” orders are not shown or given to the app/service delivery drivers. Therefore, rather than the app/service giving a Red’s Delivery Services driver the order information and payment for delivery, you are directly handing off the delivery and payment yourself. You are hiring Red’s Delivery Services to pick up and deliver your “Pick Up Only” order so you don’t have to pick it up yourself. 

To minimize cost to you, see if it’s possible to shop online directly through the store/restaurant website rather than a third-party service; third-party services markup item costs, we do not. Alternatively, you can utilize the new Red’s Delivery Services app by downloading our app at RedsDelivery.RedConrad.com

5) Why do I have to pay for the service in advance?
Just like most other services, we request payment in full to perform our services. On a regular basis, advanced payment guarantees you (the customer) will receive your delivery quickly. If a delivery request is denied, or if you opt to pick it up yourself, the payment will be returned to you. 

In response to COVID-19,  advanced payment helps ensure the health of our customers and driver’s are protected as much as possible. 

6) I understand the concern about COVID-19 and “No Contact Delivery” but I prefer to pay with Cash or Credit/Debit. Can I still request that?
Yes. On the order form on the ‘Off Platform Delivery‘ page check the box at the bottom of the form. It is advised against doing so to protect everyone’s health. But you may request payment be done via Cash or Credit/Debit. Credit/Debit payments are made via mobile card reader. However, it will be at the sole discretion of Red’s Delivery Services and the Red’s Delivery Services drivers to accept or deny a contact delivery. This option is available only after ten (10) successful prepaid shops; see Off-Platform/Out-Of-App terms in the Red’s Delivery Services terms for info.

7) To use “Off-Platform” Delivery I need to pay an estimated total. How do I do that?
To get an estimated total, place your order directly with the businesses (supermarket or restaurant) website. When your order is complete, go to your cart/checkout. There you will have your estimated total. To your estimated total, you would then add the $20 refundable overage charge and the delivery fee.

To calculate estimated % (percent) delivery total on shopping orders: ‘Estimated Order Total’ + ‘Order Type %’ + ‘$20 Overage Protection’ = Payment  In your calculator it would look one of two ways. For the example, we’ll use an estimated total of $250: 

  1. 250 (estimated total) + 20% (delivery fee) + 20 (overage protection) = $320 (payment)
  2. 250 (estimated total) × 0.2 (delivery fee) = 50 (delivery fee); 250 + 50 + 20 = 320
    1. Or 250 (estimated total) + 20% (delivery fee) = 50; 250 + 50 + 20 = 320

If you have a large order and not sure how to calculate the delivery fee, email CustomerService@RedsDeliveryServices.com or text 386-983-6415 with your estimated total and we’ll add on the fee and inform you of the total that would need to be paid in order to fulfill your order. 

8) I’m using a list making app. How do I share my list?
If you need help sharing the list, follow the instructions below for your preferred list making app.

In AnyList:

  • Go to list settings,
  • click “List Sharing”
  • click”Share This List”
  • type in Order@RedsDeliveryServices.com in the box

In Out Of Milk:

  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the app to open the menu
  • Click “Share or send list”
  • Click “Add Friend By Email”
  • Type in Order@RedsDeliveryServices.com in the pop-up box

In Flipp:

  • Mobile users see here
  • Web users see here
  • To send the list via email/GMail, at the appropriate step of your app, send to Order@RedsDeliveryServices.com. Or share the link provided for your list via text to 386-983-6415.

Have a question? Send them to CustomerService@RedsDeliveryServices.com

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